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Meeting Cindy
Cindy is an average looking lady in her 50s, just like most Chinese house wives in her age: out of shape, short, curly black hair, always carrying a pair of reading glasses in her shoulder purse. Cindy used to have a good life and owned a small business in Guangdong China before she moved to the United States. After her two children graduated from middle school, she decided to give up her business, her friends, and her home to move to the States with her family to seek a better education for her children.

After three years being in the States, she still struggles to recall the alphabet fluently. Since she spent most of her time making a living in a Chinese restaurant every day, she hardly has any opportunities to learn English. As Cindy was telling me how hard it was to live here without knowing how to speak English, I can see tears in the corner of her eyes, waiting to fall. She wants to make enough money to support her children to go to university, but without knowing a word of English, she can only work in Chinese restaurants in Chinatown. Cindy often faces exploitation in work just because she does not know English. Even though she is in her mid-50s, yet she has a strong desire to learn this new language.

Sharing Christ’s Love 
It was almost impossible for her to hire a private tutor due to her finical problem. Somehow she found Pui Tak center, which is e able to offer her free one on one private tutoring. After chatting with me for about an hour and a half, she asked if I get paid by Pui Tak to tutor her. I said, “no.” Then she asked if I received any benefits from the government for doing this? I said, “no.” Seeing the surprised expression on her face, I knew it was hard for her to believe that many other volunteers and I were coming here weekly to teach English for free. I told her that sometimes helping people makes us happier than earning a lot of money. Silence went on for a while. She then promised me that she will give her best effort to learn and try her best to practice.

To Serve Immigrants like Cindy
Not only Cindy, but many other Chinese immigrants that live in Chinatown whom moved to Chicago to seek a better life, are living much more difficult live than when they were in China. Most of them are stuck in Chinatown because they do not speak any English. Many of them are lonely, being exploited by their employer in a foreign country. Pui Tak Center provides a great place for these immigrants to learn English and help adjust the culture, as well as a place for Christian to show love and help those in need. There are massive needs for tutors weekly, click www.puitak.org now to learn more about how to volunteer with us!

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